Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale diamonds are bought directly from a manufacturer, or in this case, from the company holding the diamonds. Wholesale diamonds are bought with the purpose of being resold. Buying wholesale diamonds from a company as opposed to a jeweler ensures that you will avoid paying the jewelers markup for their own profit. Wholesale diamond prices are always lower when buying them from a wholesale seller than from a jeweler because they are bought originally in bulk. Purchasing wholesale diamonds and creating customizable diamond jewelry saves money and allows you free reign over what kind of band, setting and surrounding stones you want.

Wholesale loose diamonds are typically bought in bulk at a lower price and then sold to the general public for a mark up, but at a smaller rate than a jeweler would offer. Since the wholesale diamonds were bought in bulk to begin with, the seller paid less than he would have normally and can therefore sell at a lower price while still making a profit.

A common misconception when buying wholesale diamonds is that they are only wholesale when the buyer has the intention of reselling them. In other words, it is possible to buy wholesale diamonds and use them for your own purposese, like creating custom diamond jewelry, but then they would no longer be wholesale diamonds; they would be loose diamonds.

Buying wholesale diamonds online is very simple. Diamond certification is available to make sure you are getting what you should be getting as a buyer in terms of quality. Whether you are buying wholesale diamonds for personal diamond jewelry or for the purpose of resale, though, it is important to ensure that they are quality.

Quality is the most important factor in buying a diamond, no matter where you are buying from. The four C’s are critical to determing a diamond grade and, therefore, the price. Wholesale diamonds are no exception. If your jeweler bought them in bulk, chances are he or she got a deal and the wholesale diamonds won’t all be perfect. Don’t take a chance and buy from a trusted name in jewelry sales today.