Why are diamonds so rare?

When purchasing a diamond for the first time many ask: why are diamonds so rare? There are a lot of factors influencing rarity, including how they are formed and where they are found. The four C’s also add to a diamonds rarity.

Why Are Diamonds so Rare: Formation and Location

The rarity of diamonds has a lot to do with how and where they are formed. While there is a lot of rough stone that is mined, only about 25% get made into any sort of jewelry. One carat of a diamond can come from 250 tons or ore or more, and the rough stones that are mined are not all turned into jewelry. Contributing to the rarity of diamonds, few diamonds survive being pushed up to the surface.

Adding to the rarity of diamonds even more, there are seven places that mine about 80% of all diamonds that are cut: mines in Angola, Australia, Botswana, Namibia, Russia, South Africa and Zaire. The mines in these seven areas are constantly being mined for diamonds and the rarity of the mines feed the fear that they will eventually run out, which influences the rarity of diamonds.

The process of creating a finished diamond also adds to the rarity of diamonds. Since only a quarter of the gems that are mined will be considered quality enough to put on a piece of jewelry, that quarter will then have to be created into the different shapes that buyers love.

Why Are Diamonds so Rare: The Four C’s

The four c’s influence the rarity of diamonds a great deal. Cut, carat, color and clarity are the most important factors that influence the price and style of a diamond. The four C’s are what a diamond grader will use to classify and grade a diamond, which is a great factor in the rarity of diamonds. The higher the grade, the more valuable, desired and expensive the diamond will be. Perfectly colored and colorless diamonds are both rare. The four C’s are graded by the GIA.

Why Are Diamonds so Rare: Age

Diamonds have been forming for at least three billion years. Many diamonds can be aged at 100 million years. As long as they keep being created, diamond zealists fearing that the diamonds rarity will eventually mean its demise will continue to be appeased. Not only are diamonds the oldest gems, they are also the hardest substance known to mankind, beating other precious stones by 2000-3000 times and adding to its rarity.