About the Heart Diamond Cut

The heart diamond cut is an excellent cut for diamond jewelry to be placed in a set as a gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, though not necessarily as popular for engagement rings. It is a fancy diamond cut, so as to maximize carat weight and is also stunning with colored diamonds.

A heart diamond cut looks like a pear diamond cut with a cleft at the top. In fact, jewelers tend to create heart cuts when there is a large imperfection that has to be removed from one part of the diamond. Most heart cuts are solitary diamonds, though adding other precious stones to the side is always up to the buyer. A jeweler will traditionally put heart diamond cuts in a five prong set: one for each lobe of the heart, one for each side, and one V-shaped prong to protect the tip.

When purchasing a heart diamond cut, there are a few things to look for. It is important for the appearance of diamond jewelry pieces that the lobes are symmetrical and the point is sharp and centered to the lobes. A heart diamond cut is also vulnerable to the bow-tie effect, so diamond jewelry must be examined from all angles by a professional jeweler. Also, diamond jewelry with a flatter heart will make the diamond appear bigger, but that will also sacrifice some of its brilliance.

An ideal ratio of a heart diamond cut is 1:1. While that may not seem big, it should be noted that a round diamond cut of the same ratio is 20-25% more expensive. While this is a fancy cut and is more natural to the rough diamond crystal, the ratio for a heart cut is a little more important than it is for other fancy cuts. Because of its shape, it would be easy for one part of it to get lopsided or uneven, which would ruin the whole piece of diamond jewelry. For this reason, a jeweler will pay great attention to ensuring that he is cutting at an even ratio.