About the Emerald Diamond Cut

The emerald diamond cut was a style was not historically used for cutting diamonds. It originally was for emeralds, from the ancient Greek word for "green", and other precious stones. However, as diamond jewelry became more romantic, jewelers began to cut their diamonds in the style of the emerald cut. In ancient Greece, precious stones were used as remedies and legend says that emeralds were used to restore vision and reduce stress. Now, celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Melania Trump, as well as royalty such as Camilla Bowles, sport rings with the diamonds cut in this style. It is more subtle, elegant and sophisticated, with a little less flash than other types of cuts on diamond jewelry.

An emerald diamond cut style is a "step cut" , which means that it has rectangular facets that look like steps. The facets are usually made up of other smaller or larger facets that act like mirrors and have blocked corners. The emerald diamond cut has 58 facets: 25 on the pavilion, 25 on the crown and 8 on the girdle. The step cut was developed to get around difficulties in cutting due to the vulnerability of the emerald diamond cut to inclusions. Since these facets are more vulnerable to showing imperfections, it is important to get diamond jewelry highly rated in the four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat. A fair length to width ratio of this diamond cut is 1.5-1.7:1; however, that also depends on whether the buyers want a square or a rectangle on their diamond jewelry.

The emerald diamond cut is generally less expensive than other brilliant diamond cuts because it is most like the natural shape of a rough diamond crystal. They are not as sought after as the round diamond cut and considered less "cool" than a princess diamond cut. Also, due to the different facets, there is no bow-tie effect to be found in an emerald diamond cut. Emerald cut diamond jewelry also requires a four prong setting to support the corners. Traditionally, the emerald diamond cut is set alone and without other precious stones.