Diamond Wedding Ring

It is nearly impossible to say everything you want to say with a wedding ring. However, a diamond wedding ring makes that a little easier. Show her what she is worth to you by choosing unique wedding ring designs from a name you really trust in diamonds.

The wedding ring is typically worn on the left hand ring finger, because it is the one finger with a vein connecting directly to the heart: the vena amoris. There are a lot of wedding ring designs to choose from and one of the most popular is the diamond wedding ring.

When buying a wedding ring, a concern of many is how much to spend. Typically, a wedding ring would cost two-three months salary as a safe bet, but that is situational and if you cannot afford that, there are cheaper diamond wedding rings that look just as beautiful and sparkle just as much as a more expensive wedding ring.

It is also important to think of quality when buying a wedding ring. There are a lot of different wedding ring designs that include cut, style, setting, size, and color. The most popular diamond wedding ring cut is the round brilliant cut, typically set alone, though it can have surrounding diamonds ore precious stones. It is cut to reflect the light in the best way possible, which leads to its popularity as a diamond wedding ring. The diamond wedding ring creates a brilliant setting for those brides who want to set them onto their engagement ring.

A wedding ring is something that will be treasured forever, so it is important to find a quality jeweler to provide and set the diamonds, if you are buying them loose and setting them later. A diamond wedding ring can also be sold preset, which is generally the more popular option.

Antique wedding rings are also seeing a resurgence in popular wedding ring designs. They can be pricey, so one option is to have a family heirloom reset; the vintage diamond wedding ring can go onto a new band or in a new setting. This method will be both cheaper and more personal. However, as always, it is important to have a name you trust make the alteration.