Shamrock Pin

Irish heritage, like any other heritage, is something to be immensely proud of. Why not show off that pride with a few pieces of Irish jewelry?

Two of the more classically chosen pieces of Irish jewelry are the claddagh ring, symbolizing relationship status, and the celtic knot. However, a piece that is gaining in popularity is shamrock pin. After all, what is more Irish than a shamrock?

Many people confuse a four-leaf clover and a shamrock. The former is merely a good luck charm, while Saint Patrick used each of the leaves of the latter to explain each branch of the Holy Trinity to his followers. The shamrock therefore has special meaning to those with Irish heritage and they are careful not to confuse it with the four-leaf clover.

A favorite choice of shamrock pin is a shamrock pin. This creative Irish gift is small and perfect for men and women. This pin is a perfect way to throw in some color and accessorize your diamonds with some Irish jewelry. A delicate diamond bracelet or necklace would complement the shamrock pin perfectly.

The shamrock pin can be worn on just about anything--clothing, purses, wallets, backpacks. It can even be slipped onto a hair clip and used to pull back hair. This diamond encrusted piece of jewelry is sure to light up any room and gain instant attention.

Buying shamrock jewelry is a very popular for those with Irish heritage, but sales also skyrocket near Saint Patrick’s Day. So forget buying a cheap shamrock pin that will break after two wears. Buy a piece of exquisite Irish jewelry that is carefully made and will last you for many Irish holidays to come.

Creative Irish gifts are great for everyone, since everyone has a little Irish heritage on Saint Patrick’s Day!