Pendant Necklace

A pendant is a hanging object, generally attached to a necklace or some other type of jewelry. A pendant can be used for several different meanings including ornamentation, identification, protection, self affirmation and ostentation.

The most popular form would be a pendant necklace. A pendant necklace can vary in its style and price, ranging from simple charms or lavish diamonds. It is very popular for non-professional jewelry makers to create a personal pendant necklace out of things that have meaning to them or out of simple charms. Any shape is possible for a shaped pendant: stars, hearts, half moons, initials. A heart pendant is particularly popular among women; though, because of its wide uses, the pendant style necklace is not solely marketed towards women. A classic favorite form of pendant necklace, though, will always be a diamond pendant.

A diamond pendant can be as large or as small as the buyer wants. It could be made of of one large diamond or a smaller diamond in a setting with other diamonds. A diamond pendant could be a shape with diamonds embellishing it. Any diamond pendant can range in price, and it is important to take the quality into consideration when buying a pendant necklace, particularly a diamond pendant.

It is very easy to customize a diamond pendant. The diamond itself can be the pendant or the diamonds can be added to the pendant, assuming it has the surface space. It is important to have a trusted jeweler design or embellish a pendant because it would be easy for it to become overwhelming and then the diamond pendant would appear tacky.

Diamonds are always classy and it is their simple beauty that create sparkle in the jewelry as well as a special glow in the wearer and a diamond pendant would not be an exception to that rule. A pendant is an easy way to show affection for someone, and because of its multiple uses, also makes a great gift for just about anyone.