Necklace history dates back as far as the Stone Age, where they were believed to be made with mollusk bones. Before the discovery of metals, bones continued to be popular to make necklaces, in addition to shells, teeth and stones.

Necklaces were originally very simple and without too much pattern to them. In the timeline of necklace history, gold began to be used in 2500 B.C. and in ancient Egypt, the royalty and the wealthy citizens of Egypt began to include intricate patterns or designs into their necklaces as a show of their wealth, power and prestige. This was the start of the modern necklaces that we know today. Along the way, interesting in necklaces and jewelry ebbed and flowed, and patterns and designs fell by the wayside in favor of single pendants, jewels or stones.

Today, anything can by adorned with diamonds. The charm or pendant hanging from your necklace can be sprinkled with diamonds, turning an ordinary pendant and chain into a diamond necklace. Necklaces can have different designs as well—the chain can form a V, or a Y, or the pendant can simply dangle from the necklace chain. The V and Y forms on the necklace chain can also be adorned with diamonds, in addition to the pendant itself. The diamond design can be as simple or as elaborate as the buyer chooses.

Any one of these designs can be a diamond necklace option. A necklace chain is also the most easily repaired part of any cross necklace, diamond necklace or plain necklace, since it is very delicate and can be damaged easily. It is easy to make a diamond necklace look cheap or gaudy, so it is important to have it created by a trusted jeweler. A diamond necklace is quickly becoming a popular way to show affection without the connotation that a ring would have.

One of the most popular types of necklaces would be the cross necklace. It is a traditional piece of Christian jewelry used to represent faith. A cross necklace is often given to children at birth and again at their communions or confirmations, depending on family tradition. A cross necklace is simple by design, but can these popular necklaces can also be complimented with diamonds or precious stones. The cross necklace can easily be turned into a thoughtful and tasteful diamond necklace in the hands of the right jeweler.