Diamond Mining Process

Diamond mining is a long process. A lot of backbreaking work goes into the diamond mining process, which uncovers the precious gem you will wear on your neck, finger or wrist. There are two main diamond processes: pipe mining and alluvial mining.

Pipe mining is the process of extracting diamond ores from volcanic pips that have solidified over time. The solidified volcanic magma is called Kimberlite, which is the rock that holds diamonds. Pipe mining can sometimes occur underground because lakes have formed over the volcanic pipes. In order for pipe mining to occur then, the lake would have to be drained and tons of dirt removed before the diamond mining can begin. Once the diamond mining process reveals the Kimberlite, it will be time to separate the rock from the diamonds. They have to be separated from the rock very carefully, so the whole rock is sent from the diamond mines to a screening plant so they may be separated by careful professionals and then processed to determine whether it is gem-worthy.

Alluvial mining typically happens overseas. Diamond mines will be found in ocean beaches or in riverbeds. Alluvial mining currently occurs in every continent but Europe and Antarctica. Alluvial mining sectors can be done by large diamond mining companies or by smaller, informal groups. The companies and the smaller groups have to dig and sift through the sand and mud to find the prime areas. Since alluvial mining often occurs on a more individual basis, the diamonds that are mined can often be exploited and sold for much higher prices than through a company.

The top ten diamond mining countries in the world are: Russia, Botswana, Congo, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Angola, Namibia, Ghana and Brazil. Diamond mining in any of these areas is a dangerous process, so the diamond mines are heavily regulated when they are occurring on a large scale. Awareness groups all around the world are constantly trying to make the diamond mines even safer for the workers.

There is no guarantee that the diamond mines will produce a gem worthy diamond, of course. When purchasing, admiring and enjoying your diamond, it is important to keep in mind the diamond mining process that your jewel and the miners responsible for it had to go through.