Heart Pendant

One can never go wrong with a piece of heart jewelry. This popular jewelry makes a great gift idea for women. Wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend—whoever it is for, a great gift idea for women is a heart necklace or an open heart pendant. She is sure to love the simplicity, charm and elegance of a piece of heart jewelry.

One of the most popular choices is the heart pendant necklace. It is a great gift idea for women of any age for any event. Give a gold heart pendant or a sterling silver heart pendant. These are more popular types of heart jewelry to engrave than bracelets or earrings. The engraving adds that special personal touch.

The open heart pendant is becoming even more popular as well. It will have the outline of a heart, typically with diamonds set on it. They can often be set to appear as if floating on the outline of the open heart pendant, or they can be placed around the edges. However, the necklace itself will be just the outline of a heart as opposed to a heart necklace with a whole, full heart. It is also possible to engrave this type of open heart pendant, though it won’t be seen as easily because it will be the outline as opposed to the full heart.

Another popular type of heart necklace can also be a locket, which can also be engraved very easily. Heart pendants are also friendship necklaces, with a message scrawled across the full heart. When the halves are apart from each other, the full message cannot be read, but as the heart pendant is put together, it becomes clear.

A heart pendant is easily customizable. It can be engraved with a name or a date of birth and decorated with diamonds or other precious stones. This special touch will make the heart necklace a great gift idea for women in your life and they will love the attention to detail with the extra diamonds or engraving.

Purchasing a heart pendant is a sure way to win her heart and show her how much you care. Buy one from a trusted name in jewelry today.