Earrings are the oldest and most popular jewelry type. They are popular because they are easily customizable and they come in a vast variety. There are long earrings, known as drop earrings or chandelier earrings, post earrings, silver earrings, gold earrings and hoops of both the silver and gold variety. For those without pierced ears, magnetic earrings and clip on earrings are popular. Earrings of any kind can also be enjoyed by both sexes.

Post earrings typically have a simple stone or design and sit on the earlobe with no dangle at all. Long earrings are just as they sound: long. They can be drop earrings, with a small dangle or chandelier earrings, which are much longer. Hoop earrings can come in a variety of sizes and metals. They can even have large shapes, such as stars or hearts. Magnetic earrings and clip ons are great for those without pierced ears. Magnetic earrings use pressure to keep the earring on, while clip ons use an adhesive. These are often cheap and easy to buy online.

All of these earrings can be customized with diamonds. They often come in sets with bracelets or necklaces with birthstones on them or other precious stones. While diamonds and precious stones are not totally necessary, they add something special to earrings and other jewelry, making them unique and special to the buyer or receiver.

Part of the mass enjoyment of earrings is their simplicity. A new pair can instantly change any outfit and make a statement. It is easy to buy earrings online or buy kits to make your own earrings. However, if you are going to buy earrings online, look carefully for what the jewelry is made of and make sure they have a fair return policy.

Something to be cautious of when it comes to earrings is allergies. As opposed to rings, bracelets or necklaces, which only come into contact with your skin, earrings go through your earlobe. It is easier to get an infection, which allergies can lead to. People can be allergic to any of the metals (gold, silver, steel, titanium, etc.). One of the most popular allergies with earrings is nickel. It is best to test the jewelry for ten minutes before making a decision.