Diamond Cuts

When buying a quality diamond, there are more than just the well known shapes to consider. A quality diamond cut must be considered as well. Diamond cuts have a great impact on the overall appearance of the diamond. There are three main types: mixed cut, step cut and brilliant cut.

Mixed cut:

The mixed cut first appeared in the middle of the 1960’s. It was a combination of mixing the step cut and the brilliant cut. It is how the princess , one of the most popular shapes, is cut today. This quality diamond cut allows the crown to follow the step cut and the pavilion to follow the brilliant cut. The mixed cut is supposed to preserve the weight of the original quality diamond cut and maintain the brilliance that is expected from diamond cuts. The mixed cut has succeeded in taking some popularity away from the round diamond, which boasts a brilliant cut.

Step cut:

The step cut allows the facets to be cut so they appear like steps leading up to the top of the diamond. These stones are typically square or rectangular with truncated corners. The step cut does not allow for as much fire and brilliance to be released from the diamond because they are shallower than the mixed cut and the brilliant cut. These diamond cuts are featured more prominently in antique jewelry, because the popularity of the round diamond and princess diamonds desires the brilliant and mixed diamond cuts respectively. A step cut may not have a culet. A lasque diamond, a type of Indian jewelry, may be the earliest form of known a known step cut.

Brilliant cut:

The brilliant cut is one of the most famous and popular types of diamond cuts. This quality diamond cut can be made into a range of shapes and still maintain the brilliance expected when you think of a diamond. A brilliant cut diamond will typically have 56 facets. No matter what shape that these diamond cuts are made into, they will all typically have the same amount and style of facets, which allows them all to reflect light brilliantly.

Diamond cuts are an important factor to consider when purchasing a diamond. They weigh heavily on the grading procedure and it is important to purchase from a trusted name in diamonds so that your diamond will truly be certified. Your diamond will be a purchase you treasure forever and your cut can be a personal touch you add to that purchase.