Diamond Care

Caring for diamond jewelry is a concern for millions when purchasing their first pieces. Diamonds are relatively strong, but everyday life leaves gunk and grime on even the strongest of diamond rings and bracelets, blocking the light and giving the appearance of being dull and not sparkling. Caring for diamond jewelry saves you time, money and aggravation at a jewelry shop, waiting for a jeweler to do it. So how can diamond jewelry be maintained to maximize the brilliance and shine?

General Diamond Care

It is important to develop a schedule for cleaning a diamond. Diamond care becomes much more difficult and costly if they are not cleaned on a regular basis, so it is good to try cleaning a diamond once a week. Primarily, it is important to try to see a jeweler once a year. They make a business out of diamond care, so they know what they are doing when they clean it. They can also give you tips for your own diamond care and maintenance.

Cleaning a Diamond

It is important when cleaning a diamond to use jeweler approved jewelry cleaner. The chemicals in some jewelry cleaners can alter the color of the diamond. If jewelry cleaner is not handy, it is okay to use an ammonia-based household cleaner, like most window cleaners. Soak the diamond overnight and brush softly with a toothbrush. Scrubbing too hard, though, will take away the top coat, leaving the diamond vulnerable.

Taking Diamonds Off is Part of Diamond Care too!

Whether you realize it or not, knowing when to take off your diamond jewelry is just as important to diamond care as cleaning a diamond can be. Taking off your diamond jewelry at the right time keeps it from getting damaged or dirty.

Exercising: Working out is a popular pastime and also a way for your diamond jewelry to be damaged. Whether it’s lifting weights or jogging, it is easy for diamond jewelry to be chipped on a dumbbell or snag on a sweater and break.

Heavy lifting and rough work: Doing a lot of moving or hard yard work is also a prime opportunity for your diamond jewelry to be damaged. Take of the diamonds before picking up a rake or heavy boxes.

Household chores: The chemicals in common chore items like bleach can damage your diamond jewelry, even going so far as to changing its color. As this color changes, cleaning a diamond and diamond care become much more difficult. In order to keep up on your diamond care and maintain the sparkle and brilliant colorless shine that you love, ditch the diamond jewelry before beginning your chores.