Bracelet as a Gift

A bracelet is piece of jewelry worn around the wrist. Its history goes back as far as 7000 years, to Egypt and much of South Africa. The Romans were the first to put gemstones and diamonds on a bracelet.

A bracelet is a very easy gift idea, as pieces of jewelry are especially good girlfriend gift ideas. While the giver of a gift determines its meaning, a bracelet has less of a significant connotation than a ring, though it is still in the realm of traditional gift ideas. It is also the second most popular piece of jewelry, behind only earrings. A customized bracelet can be given as a special gift and have just as much meaning as a ring, without the commitment connotation. On essentially any type of bracelet, diamonds can be set fashionably to the buyers preference. A bracelet of diamonds is a great way to show someone that you care.

A popular choice is a tennis bracelet. This is a thin line bracelet often worn by athletes. It features a symmetrical pattern of diamonds set in the line, or on some sort of metal. The tennis bracelet got its name because it was worn by Chris Evert during a tennis match when it broke; the match was halted so that she could recover the diamonds. The diamonds on the bracelet, as well as the chain, are customizable.

Another popular bracelet is a charm bracelet. While the links of the bracelet themselves do not often come with diamonds, a charm bracelet is worn with small charms or pendants dangling off; these charms can be removed, are customizable, and frequently hold diamonds. A charm bracelet will frequently be exchanged between friends, with each friend then purchasing charms of significance for the other. They are also good girlfriend gift ideas for that same reason.

A bracelet can also be used for any purpose, be it political or to raise awareness of a charity. A customized bracelet is easy and cheap, as it is made from silicone. They were made popular by Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong bracelet he created with Nike. A customized bracelet can also be used to identify allergies, such as peanuts, or illnesses such as diabetes. This is known as a medical alert bracelet. Most of these bracelets, with the exception of the silicone, can be adorned with diamonds as a personal touch.