When giving a gift to someone you love, diamond jewelry is always a great first choice. Buying a diamond is easier than it seems and with good reason: understanding diamond settings and the option to design a ring on your own can be overwhelming! Finding a great jeweler is a big part of the process; once you’ve got a jeweler you trust, the rest will come easy.

Diamond jewelry is a quality choice for giving a gift no matter what. However, there is a lot of information about diamond jewelry out there with regards to where diamonds come from, how they are made, and how rare they are, for example. "Diamond" comes from the Greek word for proper, unalterable, or unbreakable. Various incarnations of diamonds have always been treasured. Buying a diamond is a great way to get religious icons; what better object to worship than a diamond? Jewelry soon began to be made out diamonds as well.

Rarity of diamonds can vary depending on the region they are from as well as the color. Obviously, diamonds that are rarer will also be much more expensive, so keep that in mind when determining a budget.

An engagement ring soon became the most popular form of diamond jewelry. Buying a diamond ring for someone became a symbol of commitment and love. A jeweler can help pick out the perfect piece of diamond jewelry for your engagement ring. The great part about diamond jewelry is that you can often design a ring. That means when giving a gift, your diamond jewelry will have customized shapes, cuts, and diamond settings.

The customizability facet is a favorite aspect of diamond jewelry. Buying a diamond is now a much more personal experience. Your diamond jewelry can be a reflection of your personality in terms of the color and cut of your chosen jewelry, as well as what diamond settings you want. That means that the act of giving someone you truly love a gift from the heart will be truly personal and special.

Your diamond jewelry will be valued based on the four Cs —cut, color, clarity and carat. Learning about these four Cs is important when buying a diamond and giving a gift of diamond jewelry to your loved ones. Understanding them can be easier than you think it might be.

If you have any questions at all while buying a diamond, you should definitely do your research. Finding helpful websites and a jeweler to answer your questions will make choosing your diamonds a ton easier for you, and you will be able to enjoy the reactions you get when giving diamond jewelry.